TLS provided fully integrated Event and Marketing services covering all aspect of the Sold Out events.

Our scope of work ensured master oversight from commercial feasibility studies to the delivery of integrated content and brand marketing programs, creative IP, and detailed cost-benefit analyses to measure the range of impact.We crafted all creative elements and oversaw end-to-end project management covering every detail to deliver an exceptional festival experience from end to end.

Experiential Dining

6 Star Dinner

The Great Chef Showcase

A Culinary Symphony



Experiential Dining – Marquee Nightclub – MBS


An immersive event blending innovative cuisine, advanced technology, and live performances to engage guests on every sensory level.

Collaborations with Johanna Siy, lauded as Asia’s Top Female Chef for 2023, and Jordy Navarra of Toyo Eatery, winner of Best Sustainable Restaurant and Best Restaurant in the Philippines for 2023. The menu was not just about taste but also about storytelling, brought to life through theatrical presentations such as “Oysters & Pearls,” the communal “Fiesta! Kamayan” feast, and childhood favourite “Halo-Halo”.

Ingenious cocktails and mocktails crafted by the acclaimed international mixologist Arcadius Rybak. The event space was transformed by state-of-the-art AV, including dynamic motion graphics and atmospheric lighting, creating an environment where every moment was both a visual feast and a culinary delight.

6 Star Dinner


Graced by three Michelin Star chefs: Greg Bess from Cut – 1 Star, Michelin Waku Ghin, Chef Tetsuya – 2 Star Michelin, Taian Table, and Stefan Stiller – 3 Star Michelin, further elevated by a special guest appearance by the Hong Kong global sensation and actor, Bosco Wong.

Each chef curated a custom menu that was a testament to their renowned international acclaim, providing a VVIP dining experience that paired exquisite world-class food and wine with live performances.

The chefs engaged in Q&A sessions, offering insights into their inspirations for food and life.

Riverside MBS Event Plaza – The Great Chefs Showcase


Inside an inflatable dome, serving as the perfect stage for celebrity chef Luke Mangan’s culinary delights. Mangan crafted a menu that celebrated Australia’s finest produce, featuring dishes like the NSW Riverina Beef Fillet and his signature Liquorice dessert.

Acrobats from Cirque du Soleil, stuntmen from the House Of Dancing Water, and performers from So You Think You Can Dance, all contributing to the vibrant atmosphere.

Pop Up Venue – MBS Event Plaza


A Pop-Up Venue became the stage for a culinary symphony event that was a feast for the senses. Modern Thai cuisine took centre stage featuring superstar Chef Ton from Le Du, recently voted Asia’s Best Restaurant for 2023.

“What Chefs Want” TV hosts Renae Smith and Sally Stanton, engaged Chef Ton in an up close and personal Q&A session, offering guests a deeper insight into the inspirations behind his dishes.

Exceptional food, insightful conversation, and music converged to create an unforgettable experience.

TLS worked with MBS destination Marketing to create awareness and build the MBS Food and Wine festival brand producing content for Pre – During + Post events – see our MEDIA section for more details and examples of our work

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